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Appreciate your spirituality

"Your soul instrument can register both physical and metaphysical connections, and it is only when you experience the interaction between these that you have a real soul instrument to play on. When this soul instrument works properly, you will succeed in giving the impulses visible form and harmony in the form of good words, thoughts and actions ”.


The Spirit comes when it wants and not when we want. Man, the real man, has from eternity been, and always will be, a spiritual being - Our life in the physical world does not change this truth.


We must experience ourselves as who we really are - not as prisoners in a body, in the cage of thoughts or in fleeting passion. The discovery of our spiritual self takes place in complete silence, without others wanting to register what has happened. The path we are exploring here will provide lasting peace of mind. Deeper and deeper we must penetrate ourselves with collective consciousness, until we can finally enter the kingdom where the blessed peace reigns. A deep peace will slowly fill our inner being and a strangely sacred peace will prevail with ever-increasing strength. We come to a state where the thought stops, where at first there seems to be nothing - except the blissful consciousness of being - the exalted rest in the infinite existence.


The soul has no birth, no death, no beginning and no end - It has always been and always will be.


With the phrase "Everything is one and everything is eternal life", Marcello shows us his amazing ability to convey "truths" about the big, mysterious and very personal questions in life, in a simple and easy to understand way. It is perhaps right here, with his simple, yet so wonderful advice on how to find the meaning of life, the way into yourself, he has his great strength and has so much to add to all of us. Marcello always said that humility is the first step on the path to yourself - and the last. Without humility, our inner self will not make itself known to us. In this connection, it is important to be aware of one's own smallness, ignorance and vanity.


The true soul of man is divine. You may have almost forgotten that your spiritual self exists. Maybe it wakes up patiently and will never forget you? Let's make an effort to bring it to life and see what happens!


Maybe it is the case that your spiritual potential, or your spiritual contract, arose long before you were born and that it has the same anchoring in the divine as your own energy?


"All the answers we seek are found within us - The way home in life we ​​find in the good faith that has roots in ourselves," said Marcello.

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