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Exalted Love

"When man can produce the positive power of love, this power will dissolve all bitterness and all hatred"


Exalted love is the attractive strength and power of our mind. Exalted love, free from the desires of the senses, is the magnet of the universe, and around this magnetic setting, qualities are attracted and created in the mind of the one who thinks in a divine setting. If you have found the law of true thinking and also its effect, and wonder that the supply of supplies does not come to you after months of prayer and faith, it may be because you have not developed the selfless love. You form the right image in your mind, but the love that draws the substance from the origin of all beings has not been put into action.


To achieve fullness in all your needs, you must think fullness - unlimited supply - and shape this in the consciousness. You must also store and preserve the substance of all your ideas in your mind, because the mind must have a basis for its form. You must vibrate the center of love in thought, word, and action. Then it will come to you - on invisible wings - what satisfies your needs!


Love transforms evil into good and useful things. "Many impulses, vibrations and impressions that touch you are not subject to the conscious will of your day. They are events that have their roots in the Altet. They meet you as radiant and affect you according to the relationship your inner self is to them, and the extent to which their being is alive in you. Therefore, it is partly up to you, whether you are embraced by love, whether a person of importance crosses your path and leaves deep impressions on you, or a deed comes alive in you so that you have to completely indulge in it. Only what you are deeply connected to will you enter into a deeper relationship with.


Your individual mission is thus that you, with the help of charity and will, make the impulses you have received visible ”.

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