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After a period of much traveling, self-examination and exploration of his inner self, Marcello felt ready to embark on his work as a shaman and psychic herbalist. The name Arjuna was given to the place from which Marcello chose to conduct his business.

The archer and warrior, Arjuna, was the only one of the archers who, when he aimed, gave the answer that no one else had given to his teacher: "The eye - the inner third eye". Arjuna was the warrior who refused to kill and therfore lay down his weapon.

At this time Marcello thought he had finished all the search that had been necessary to be able to utilize his abilities in the best possible way. So when he started his work from Arjuna in 1920, he had learned, to a greater extent, to use his inner self. eye. Marcello lived and worked at Villa Arjuna until the outbreak of World War II, when he moved for good to Svarga.

Marcello's nephew, Wilfred, and niece, Borghild, lived on Arjuna until the place was sold in 1970. Borghild moved with her husband, Ivar Haugaløkken, and their son, Dag, up to Otta. There they settled on Haugaløkken farm. Wilfred moved with his wife Kristina Gabrielle Berg Flognfeldt Gylder and their two sons, Lars and Aslak, to Olav Nygaard's vei at Ulsrud in Oslo.


Ullevålsalleen 8, 0852 Oslo


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