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The Chapel

In 1947, Marcello built a small chapel on the plot belonging to Svarga. In this chapel, which Marcello himself called «the Cathedral of the Soul», he spent a lot of time every single day.

The place is filled with a remarkable tranquility that it is easy to understand that Marcello sought out to meditate and immerse himself in. The walls are adorned with colorful calls for calm and harmony.

Marcello's clear religious belief comes into its own when he summarizes religions in the image "Faiths of the world" and believes that all religious origins come from the same force in "Mystica Eterna", the eternal mystique - the place is remarkable to all who visit it and you leave with a feeling of having been exposed to something great.

The chapel is accessible to the public and it is really worth a visit.

Kapellet - Bakside
Kapellet - Sjelens katedral
Kapellet - Orgelet
Kapellet - Maria i vinduet
Kapellet - Faith veggbilde
Kapellet - Bysten av Marcello
Kapellet - Byster av familien
Kapellet - Byster av familien
Kapellet - Byster av familien
Kapellet - Medaljong
Kapellet - Opprinnelig

Birkebeinervegen 155
2618 Lillehammer

How to visit:
In private ownership.
If you wish to visit the Chapel, contact owner Sæter by phone
415 42 630 to make an appointment.

Please respect that a private family lives there.

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