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One People

One People is a meeting place for creative collaboration across cultures and religions where a positive belief in the future is the driving force.

One People will contribute to innovation in peace work in the form of music publications, concerts, art exhibitions, book publications, seminars on peace, workshops for children and young people and collaboration with schools. In addition, we want in the long run to establish a peace café in Oslo, where conflict resolution and future-oriented joint creativity are the framework.

With music and art as the main tool, One People wants to open up for a positive form of globalization.

One People wants to give people the opportunity to recycle the idea of ​​peace and bring it into everyday life. The goal is to give each one a little sprinkle of hope through music and art, a hope that we can all live in a peaceful and fairer world. The goal is also to give each individual inspiration to do something for peace.

The music project One People has as an important goal to release 5 CD releases, each of which will address important topics in our time, seen in light of all the continents' cultural diversity and point of view.

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The name "Midgardsfest" is inspired by the Norse Midgard - Midgard was the place where people lived and met. With Midgardsfest, we want to create a meeting point for all cultures, religions and worldviews represented in Norway. We want to use Norwegian cultural history as a backdrop when we jointly help shape the future.

  • The celebration of community across religions and cultures.

  • Started by Stovner Frivilligsentral and One People in 2012.

  • The concept is supported by Bydel Stovner and by Groruddalssatsningen's "Area Lift".

We want culture to be lived and experienced. Therefore, it is important that the program we present should invite participation and inclusion. We want people to use more senses. Through the taste of the food, the sound of the music and the experience of the dance, those who come get a journey into the individual cultures and religions.

With Midgardsfest, we will try to highlight two issues that we find particularly important:

  • Mastering good ways of dealing with difference

  • A conscious relationship to one's own cultural / religious point of departure


At the same time we want to:

  • Facilitate volunteering as an important part of the work for a common future.

  • Create fertile ground for dialogue groups between different religions and philosophical communities.

  • Facilitate meetings in these groups.

  • Show similarities between cultures and religions through the ages and today.

  • Stimulate awareness of common values ​​and desires.

  • Creating community thoughts across religions and cultures through the use and exposure of rituals, music, exhibitions, food, dance, etc.

  • Give the population new impulses to initiate important thought processes around the opportunities we have to influence our own society.

  • Be an arena for diversity and inclusion.

Read more about Midgardsfest on

One Prayer

"One Prayer" is a project meant to inspire and strengthen our faith in a common future, across cultures and religions.

Prayers from all corners of the world have been joined together in one musical and spiritual statement, “a world prayer” calling for increased human respect, tolerance and co-operation. 


The finished composition, made up of the many musical and spiritual prayers donated to the project, will be some 30 minutes long and will be open to the general public all over the world, both as a free download and as a online listening experience, from Oct. 24 onwards. The release date for “One Prayer” was carefully chosen, as it ties in with the UN celebration on the same day. This should give us an extra good opportunity for communicating this important message of spiritual brotherhood and peace.


The work will continue and has just been started with this first small step.


Please join in on this project by liking our site on Facebook.

Lif Laga

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All Videos

All Videos
Kortversjon av samtalen med Tobbe Malm
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Kortversjon av samtalen med Tobbe Malm

Lif Laga x NHFU
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Lif Laga x NHFU

4.5 Epleslang
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4.5 Epleslang

DUGG-dokumentar (2016)
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DUGG-dokumentar (2016)

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