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Purpose - Board

The purpose of the association Marcello Haugen's Friends is to work to make Marcello Haugen's life and work better known, i.a. by own pages on the internet and book publications.

We have several long-term goals, such as the preservation and operation of the cabin Sameti and ensure that the chapel on Svarga is accessible to anyone who may wish to visit it. We also hope to help create a future Marcello Haugen museum. We work with several music and book projects that are rooted in Marcello Haugen's thoughts and philosophy of life.

We live in a time where Marcello Haugen's message and philosophy can have great significance for all of us. The association therefore wants to put a special focus on the universal power of love between people, which meant so much to Marcello.

Special offers for members in connection with our book and CD releases, etc.

As a member, you will also be invited to attend annual meetings. The association will also need the members' help, among other things, for volunteer work at Sameti, trade fairs and provide creative input for further work in the association.

It costs 350 kroner for a lifetime membership.

We hope you will support our work by becoming a member.

The board of the association:

Chairman:               Åsmund Gylder

Deputy chairman:  Wenche Tømmervik

Board member:     Dag Gylder Haugaløkken

Board member:     Dag Kristoffersen

Board member:     Lene Vardeberg Finstad

Other contributors:

Webmaster:            Andreas Nærlie

German text:          Manfred Aubert


Articles of Association for the Association

  • The purpose of the association Marcello Haugen's Friends is the preservation and operation of Marcello Haugen's cabin, 'Sameti' on Otta, for use by the general public, for visits and recreation, as has been the practice in all years since 1915/16.

  • Furthermore, the association will work to make Marcello Haugen's life and work better known, e.g. by own pages on the internet and on Facebook.

  • The association's board, or board members, chooses their own successor (as a new board or board member). The board can expand the number of board members, if it deems it desirable. Family members after Marcello Haugen should preferably be elected as board members.

  • The board's term of office is a minimum of 2 years.

  • The association must be able to have members and the members will be private individuals who can freely sign in / out of the association at their own request.

  • The members are summoned to annual meetings / board meetings where they are given the right to influence the association's inner life via voting and the like.

  • If the association's purpose ceases, the association shall be deemed to have ceased to exist.

  • In that case, the association's board shall ensure that any capital, including any fire insurance, is given to a non-profit purpose at Otta.

You can support the association through the grassrootsshare. 
Send SMS

«Grasrotandelen 913186079»

to 60000. 

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