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Appreciate yourself

"There is a lot to be gained from having the right basic attitude to life, and a lot to lose on the contrary."

When you start asking yourself who you are, you have taken the first step on a path that will only end once you have found an answer. If you want to take the trouble to make an in-depth analysis of yourself, and think calmly about what you find, you will eventually discover that it is a part of yourself that receives the flow of impressions from the outside world, and that also receives the feelings and thoughts that these impressions create. This deeper part of yourself is your true being.


“Oh, I could sing wonderful songs at your price!

You did not know who you are -

You've been drowning in yourself all your life.

The ridiculous nonsense is not you

Under them and inside them

I see you're hiding

Who you are - demand what is yours ”


The body is the abode of life and not its essence. You are not defined by your physical figure but by your inner self - who you really are.


From time to time, everyone has become aware of a faint voice within them, which we call the voice of conscience (or the inner guide). Once you have listened to the message from this voice, you realize that this is coming from within and may be worth listening to.


He who listens and counsels with this inner voice, and cultivates kinship with his conscience, is filled with understanding. As you begin to cultivate your conscience, your voice is both small and quiet, because you are not aware enough and familiar with its high vibrations. Once you sincerely want to listen to its message, it will very soon become clear and audible.


Through contempt for your inner voice or guide, you will be left to the mercy of all destructive forces. Why do you often do what you do not want and do not do what feels right? Or when you, face to face with situations, say, "Imagine if I had known what I was going to do now." There are answers to such questions. Advice can be found at the right time, if you have learned to respect and evaluate your inner mentor. A person who does not sense his divine self is so far too easy to put the blame for his mistakes and disappointments on his surroundings. He who only seeks outside advice for his choices and actions, uses only part of his abilities and his insight. Reasons that are only based on the external sensory experiences are not the best. The voice of conscience is far more important and a more reliable leader to consult with, especially when you want the highest and best results.


You must therefore turn your attention inward, towards your own inner self. There you will always be able to seek your own intuition, which draws its knowledge from invisible sources, to get the right kind of luck and progress. After practicing along these lines, you will soon, through your consciousness, experience the recognition of wisdom in such a process. You will then experience the greatest relief and liberation from grief, worrys and fears, which dominates the lives of far too many people. In fact, you will be so happy and grateful for this ever-present leading voice that even your health and inclinations will improve. What a blessed difference it is not to turn inward to get a leading answer to the questions and problems you may have. By heeding the guidance of the inner voice through warnings and counsel of action, you understand that you are never acting the opposite of the infinite plane.


This inner leader, or this divine self in man, is the real soul force that elevates every action and event, until you attain dominion over the exalted events. Every action can be performed to an uplifting, coincidental influence for the benefit of our neighbor, and ultimately for the whole world.


"Let's start working on ourselves right now and then always this right now, day by day.

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