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Holy places

Deo optimo maximo (to the greatest and best god)

Marcello spent his whole life searching for the truth about life and which way to go. He was also a man who liked to laugh and consequently was also constantly looking for surprises and inventing "weird" things. There are therefore many who have not fully taken seriously the name choices he made for the places he eventually built.


Marcello read a lot and he was particularly interested in mythology, legends and mystery. Through his reading, he has chosen the names of his places, Sameti, Arjuna and Svarga with good reason. That he has also accepted the call in Hindu mythology to build as many temples as possible on the road to reincarnation is beyond doubt. At Svarga there were a total of 8 such "temples". Sameti, Arjuna and Svarga were not just built to house family and friends. It also seems as if they were intended to serve as meeting places, or "temples" for cosmic encounters between man and deity.


If you look more closely at Marcello's "temples", it becomes clear that there is in fact a connection between these and his spiritual development through life.

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