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Reclame the perspective

"A person's burden is always the things that he has claimed as his personal property"


Your goal must be to bring all people closer together by exchanging thoughts and ideas. Prejudices due to different beliefs must be erased, the heart must be filled with love, and hatred must not be allowed to grow. The universal brotherhood will in this way arise by itself and the people can meet beyond the narrow boundaries of nations and races.

You should embrace all religions, and look at them all as expressions of the same power, the perfect holiness. No religion is closer to the truth than another. The truth is only inside you and the path you have to go to find it is your own path. The truth has no name. You must not seek the truth - but be it.

If Marcello heard a service on the radio, regardless of religious affiliation, he stood up in reverence and kept the moment holy. For he was all religions equal, and he saw them all as expressions of the same power, the only one, the cosmic power of love. To the true viewer, all creeds are equal. People in different countries have given such insights different names. The Christians call it "union with God", the Hindus call it "union with your spiritual Self", the philosophers describe it as "fusion with the infinite", while others call it "finding the truth or the way into yourself". Indian and Jewish mystics, Platonic and Pythagorean philosophers, Eastern or Western moralists - all speak the same languages ​​and in the same tones, as long as you take the time to listen to them properly. It does not matter how different the creeds and religions are. The power of God was, is, and can only be the one original power.


"It therefore does not depend on what is worshiped in spirit and truth, but that it is worshiped in the spirit of truth."

Truth is the spiritual white light that falls on the prism of humanity and is refracted in many colors, and it is we as individuals who interpret the truth according to the colors we see. The experience of finding the truth is thus the same all over the world. The only thing that is different is the interpretation of it.

"The truth liberates and unites", Marcello said.

Marcello's attitude that all religions spring from the same force and consequently should be equal, was so important to him that he had the following self-written poems hanging centrally in the Chapel at Svarga, Lillehammer, on the wall to the east:


Faiths of the World

Different in race - in cap - and gown. Pledged to creed as distant as the centuries. Yet inwardly these men are brothers – For each is motivated by the god of his heart. The deeds they do by spiritual impulse – The act of charity and sacrifice – Reveal that underneath all, humanity is united. The same temperature in the human mind as in the cosmic, creates harmony and normal Temperature in all creation - And it is called LOVE DIVINE!

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