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Mystica Eterna

The publishing house Mystica Eterna was established in December 2002 by members of Marcello's family. The purpose of the publisher is to collect and publish words written by and about the mystic Marcello Haugen.

The family publisher Mystica Eterna and Marcello Haugen's Friends' overall goal is to collect photos and writings about and by Marcello Haugen, so that these will be available to the public, in the same way as his cabin at Otta Sameti is today.

We wish Marcello's three spiritual homes used as future places for peace work and other creative activities in Marcello's spirit. 

  • The publisher works idealistically to spread knowledge about Marcello Haugen's spiritual heritage, inspired by how Marcello himself produced and distributed his own little book "Considerations over a Day".

  • The publisher's primary task is to make Marcello Haugen's life, work, writings and thoughts known at home and abroad. Central to this work is the collection of all important material about Marcello and research in Marcello's footsteps.

  • The publisher takes the initiative for lectures, gatherings and fairs.

  • The publisher wants to get the rights to other important books that have been published about Marcello Haugen, so that as complete a picture of Marcello as possible can be collected at the family publisher.

  • Although the publisher primarily wants to promote the knowledge of Marcello Haugen, it also wants to publish soul-related literature and contribute to important peace and spirit readers, inspired by Marcello's thoughts.



All income, both through the sale of products and gifts, goes in full to further work with fulfillment of the objectives.



  • The publisher's owners have no commercial intentions.

  • The publisher's income comes primarily from book sales ("Considerations over a day" and the publisher's other published books), as well as the publisher's other products, as they are presented at all times on the publisher's website.

  •  Any gifts.



  • The publisher pays for all expenses in connection with the completion of book publications and other products. This includes i.a. expenses for authors, rights holders, layout, printing and shipping.

  • The publisher has procured some necessary equipment for the publishing work.

  • The publisher has carried out and paid for some meeting activities with family and creative partners (music, film, etc.).

  • Since the publisher's start, the publisher has covered legal fees for 80,000 -, as a contribution to clear up a rights dispute.

  • The publisher has acquired the rights to Parmann's book about Marcello Haugen and the film "The Road to Svarga".

  • Commercial activities.

  • Financial support to the Association Marcello Haugen's Friends, peace work and the like.


Future projects

  • The publisher wishes to continue the support for collaborative projects with the Association (see below).

  • We have created a record company that publishes music.

  • The publisher wants, in collaboration with the Association Marcello Haugen's Friends, to contribute to a film about Marcello Haugen's "spiritual journey" being produced and shown to as many people as possible.

  • The publisher's funds received shall in their entirety, and in the best possible way, be used to realize the Association's and the publisher's objectives.

  • In collaboration with the Association Marcello Haugen's Friends, the Publisher wants to make Marcello Haugen's thoughts and words available to the school system.

Forlaget Mystica Eterna
Hagaveien 8e
0980 Oslo

Contact person:
Lars Gylder

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