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Marcello Haugens Friends

We hope that the website expresses some of the mystery Marcello surrounded himself with, so that it will be possible to travel into his spiritual world and find material that can inspire his own development.

The website is first and foremost informative, but will also be able to offer exciting discoveries and experiences in line with how Marcello constantly wanted to surprise.

Marcello Haugen was a very humble man, and this combined with all his incredible abilities, enabled him to help and guide people all over the world. He equated all religions and saw them as an expression of the same power - the power of love. The message he conveyed was a spiritual, universal and timeless message. In addition, he was a mystic with direct insight into the occult and esoteric teachings. He was undoubtedly an initiate, and a kind of universal genius.


Based on this and his unique ability to convey the great truths about life in a popular and understandable way, he left his mark far beyond the borders of Norway.

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