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The whole concept of the Breathing Room - Sunyata "is to facilitate to find this state of silence, - a sacred place where one with his rituals and forms of meditation can dwell in this state. Marcello himself built a chapel on Svarga, Lillehammer, as he called "Mystica Eterna".

If you want to find the way to yourself - get to know yourself better - or become friends with yourself, then there are some things that can be very important to think about before embarking on such a journey.

First and foremost, you need to be convinced that this is something you really want and that this is something you want to set aside time for on a daily basis. Questions such as who you are, why you live on earth, what your mission is and other questions of this nature should be questions you think about often and for which it is important for you to find answers.

Find your own place, a place where you thrive, where silence reigns, and make this place your most holy place. It will give you the best opportunities to dwell on divine things. Also, try to use this site as your own personal, if possible. Let it be the place where you meditate, pray, and study spiritual things. Soon, this place will have the invisible feel of the divine life, so that the worries and afflictions of the outer life are quickly forgotten as soon as you enter it. The breathing space must be the place where you can feel harmony and peace and where you turn inwards instead of outwards.

Physical silence is the first gateway to silence in the mind. Go to the same quiet place or room every morning, sit in the same chair, preferably your very special easy chair. You can estimate the basic tone of the whole day's activity by your attitude in the first hour after the night's sleep. Today's work and desires have not yet begun to disturb your mind.

Remember that:
"World life is expressed only in silence. It is the only thing that contains everything. In this silence, your opinions, your words and your questions fall away. You have subconsciously searched everywhere for this. What is greater than any meaning, word and form? What is it that transcends your whole edifying world of understanding? Yes, it's the silence.

You must not turn silence into words, but live in what silence means. Create a silence in yourself, which is not called silence, but which is a state of living harmonious life, in which you can rest unconsciously in the unlimited unity of wisdom. Find a place in yourself where you can go in and be in this state of silence. There you will experience some of the spirit you seek and you must try to keep it alive in you. ” - Marcello Haugen.

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Cabin on Lifjell, Bø in Telemark.

Privately owned, you can call and ask if you can visit when the hosts are at the lodge.


Contact Lars Gylder:

Phone: 926 60 928


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