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Marcello Haugen built a small two-room cabin at Thokampen in Sel Municipality in 1912-1915. The cabin is located at approx. 1000 masl with wide views to Rondane, the station town of Otta, Gudbrandsdalslågen, the Otta river and the surrounding mountain terrain.

Marcello, who at the time was driving as a locomotive stoker on the Hamar-Dombås section, received permission from the farmer Bredevangen, owner of the farm NedreTho, to set up Sameti. He got the land after stopping a horse that ran wild with Bredevangen in the back of the carriage.


The area around Sameti is about one acre and is overgrown with trees and shrubs.

The cabin is located in a crack and is nicely sheltered from the weather and wind. It has held up remarkably well all these years. Marcello's immediate family has sought to preserve the place as he left it at his death in 1967. We really want most people to experience Sameti for joy, strength and renewal.


Unlike when the cabin was built, there is now a road from Otta. The road Kleberveien goes up to a mountain plateau where slate quarries are operated today. Thokampen rises about 100 meters above the plateau and is easy to spot from the parking lot at the entrance to the slate quarry (follow the map.) The path up to the cabin is steep and winding and can only be forced by people who are relatively good condition and steady legs. Back in time, it must have been extremely strenuous to transport the materials up there.


Thokampen have been used as a so-called village castle in the Iron Age. From Thokampen and Sameti it is not far from there to Pillarguritoppen. Pillarguri was standing here blowing the whistle when in 1612 Captain Sinclair and the Scottish mercenaries passed south at Kringen on their way to Sweden (the Kalmar War). Her signal to the peasants, as is well known, triggered an avalanche of timber and stones that killed Sinclair and many of the soldiers.


The meaning of Sameti

At the time the Sameti was built (1912 - 1915), Marcello spent a lot of time exploring his own interior, becoming proficient in developing his abilities, traveling a lot and meeting people who could help him in this process. Among other things, Rudolf Steiner meant a lot at this time. Marcello had felt "weird" and different since he was little, but eventually realized that this strange inner tension was not something strange, but rather a trait that was completely unique. At this time he also spent a lot of time reading / studying and searching for the deepest meaning of life. This would later result in him writing two books and a series of considerations / messages about important matters in life.


The word Sameti has, as far as we have been able to bring out two meanings. First, it means in Hebrew "I thirst" - the same Jesus exclaimed when he hung on the cross. 

In Hindu mythology, the word means "meeting place". Sameti has always been a meeting place for Marcello's family and friends, and with the location and special peaceful tranquility that surrounds the place, it makes us all thirst for closeness with Marcello and for a deeper understanding of the mystery of eternity - Mystica Eterna.


Takeing the trip up to Sameti

TheUnity Marcello Haugens Friends works to take care of and maintain this magnificent cabin that is open to everyone. Outside the cabin, to the left of the door hangs the key. If you want to travel there, there are only a few instructions you must follow to be able to use Sameti freely, for the benefit of yourself and your fellow travelers. We highly recommend a trip to Sameti. The cabin was built "where the sun always shines" and this basically says it all. The exterior and the surrounding nature just have to be experienced! Inside the cabin you will find letters, texts and books by the omniscient and philosopher Marcello Haugen. We welcome as many people as possible to Sameti, as a place characterized by beauty and drama, silence and spiritual renewal.


  • No use of matches

  • No burning of incense

  • No burning of tea candles, log candles or anything else.

  • Absolutely no lighting of wood in the old fireplace


Thank you for taking responsibility and consideration.



How to visit:

When you get to Otta, drive off the E6 and towards the center of Otta. Drive straight ahead at the first roundabout past the city center.

Then first to the left, then drive the bridge over Lågen and towards Pillarguritoppen. After the bridge, there is the 2nd entrance on the right. Follow the sign for Pillarguri and the shale quarry.The road up is very steep on a gravel road.

Warning! Do not travel there in winter without good enough studded tires (four-wheel drive).

You drive a good distance up towards Pillarguri and the shale quarry. Until you see a small sign on the left hand side. There you can park the car and walk on the path inwards towards the cabin.

The trail is marked with red stones along the ground. Follow the path inwards. You eventually come to a small road that divides. Here you have to keep to the left. The road that goes up to the right goes to Pillarguritoppen.

Now you are almost there. Just follow the path a little to and past a small seat on the left hand side. Continue a little further until it gets steeper upwards. Slightly steep the last 100 meters. But there is little to hold on to on the steepest.

And suddenly you are there. Outside the cabin to the left of the door hangs the key. A magical place with magical views!


If you need help: Call Lene Finstad.

Mobile: +47 95 47 97 36

Marcello på Sameti
Marcello på Sameti
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