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Is there a spiritual world and how do we find our way there?
Preface and reflections.

In Europe, in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that we in the West have something to learn from the Orient, the eastern part of the world, about the answers to this question. The teachings of the East also shed new light on the Christian religion in many ways.


"We can not light when we want

The fire that lives in the heart

The spirit blows and is quiet

In the mystery the soul dwells ”


Man is a paradoxical being, a being who in one moment is able to descend to the darkest abysses of evil, and afterwards able to ascend to the greatest heights of the noble.

However, there are certain basic experiences that a person never forgets. The first love is one of them, the first experience of a new country with its own, foreign and exciting culture, is another. The first time we feel like a spiritual being, when we see the divinity that surrounds us, and that we feel exists within us as part of the core of our being, is also something we never forget. That's when we really get to know ourselves in a whole new way. The day you experience such a spiritual change will appear as the most glorious day of your life, for on that day you are on the brink of eternity.

The man who has felt his whole interior melt away and dissolve into the mysterious infinity, he will be able to find the meaning of life and reveal the secret of the universe. In the depths of our miraculous being we will discover that we are part of a mighty life, whose state is eternal peace, whose purpose is perfect goodness and whose existence never ends. The experience, the enlightenment, in its various degrees, is the same for all people. All mystics rediscover the same hidden treasure, but the individual description of it may be sadly different from others, because he interprets it intellectually and emotionally differently from others.


Hindu sages have described this condition as "the eternal now". "He who knows his own nature knows the heavens," declared a Chinese disciple. Let us therefore calm down in the center of our being and discover the treasures hidden there.


Remember that:

"The soul secretly broods over its great treasure."

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